Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some of the most common questions we are asked.

What is the purpose of Dementia Crowd Research?

This is the way we are trying to help people to make a way forward for dementia. Over the past 30 years there has been little progress and we want to give the opportunity for everyone to become involved in finding solutions.

Is there a cost to become involved?

No. Anyone who has an interest or concern can participate. Our surveys collate all data related to dementia and help us to compare our thoughts to others.

Are there paid programmes?

Yes. The basics of understanding dementia will remain free as a way of education.  The more advanced courses are charged as it requires much more commitment to complete. Our aim is to build a determined group of researchers and investing in your growth is indicative of their drive.


Why do you keep referring to Dementia Reversal when there is no cure?

Fundamentally our aim is to make dementia history.  We do not accept that dementia is a normal part of ageing and hope to change that myth.

Without dementia reversal, society will face an enormous task of caring for the elderly. It is not sustainable and so we have committed to reaching that goal.

If I join, will I have to participate?

No. You will be contacted regularly regarding surveys and we will find out your desired level of involvement.

I do not know anyone with dementia.  Is this still relevant to me?

Yes. The current trajectory of dementia indicates a doubling of numbers every 20 years.  At some point this will become relevant.

Understanding the perspective of persons without a direct interest in dementia is still relevant to our data.