Dementia Basics

In order to have a better understanding of dementia, we suggest that you take this free course.

It will help everyone.

Intermediate Dementia

This course will give a more detailed understanding of the principles around dementia.

Here you will see the concept that has become an international sensation as a speaker.

Advanced Dementia

This programme is for those who wish to utilise the principles to help persons with dementia.

It will explain the basis of the theory and how specific nutritional supplements can make a huge difference for some patients.

Week 7-1

Dementia Reversal Protocol?

The ultimate aim of this project is to find ways to prevent and reverse dementia. This remains the ultimate target no matter how long we have to try.

This programme deals with specific protocols using all available knowledge and monitoring to achieve this aim.

Dementia Practioner

This programme is for the advanced dementia trainee who wishes to help other persons with dementia.

In this module it explains the principles of how to identify clients with dementia who would be willing to pay for your services.

It assumes that you will become a advocate for the theories and practice of the company.

Week 7-3

Next Steps...

We need you to be the person who makes a difference for your loved one or someone else.