Our Vision


Dementia is now one of the biggest international health challenges facing the world. Sadly there has been limited progress for finding solutions.

If we can empower those who are in contact with persons having dementia, through observation we can find answers.

Our Story

Dementia Crowd Research was created by Dr Philip McMillan who has been researching tirelessly over 10 years to understand dementia.

He believes that the solutions for dementia lie with those who care for them. If we study and observe enough, the answers will appear.

Meet the Team

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Dr Philip A McMillan

Founder & CEO

Consultant Physician who is passionate about making a difference for dementia since his mother died of the disease.

International keynote speaker and Dementia Authority, breakthrough theory on the understanding of dementia.

Committed to the aim to find long term solutions to this devastating disease.

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Professor J Leslie Glick

Expert Advisor

Serial Entrepreneur and Professor of Physiology, based in the USA, who has been innovating with dementia for over 30 years.

Multiple publications and patents for innovative therapies for dementia.


Rik Courtney

IT and Social Media Expert


Hope McMillan-Canaan

Marketing and Public Relations Expert

Next Steps...

We want you to become a part of our crowd. Everyone together to find solutions for all.