Primary Carer

Are actively involved in caring for someone with dementia on a daily basis, spending more than 4 hours per day?

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Supportive Carer

If you are not the primary care giver but support regularly then your input will be of so much value.

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Interested in Dementia

If you are worried about a loved one who may have dementia or just generally wish to find out more.

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What are we attempting to achieve?

Dementia Crowd Research is the way that we empower carers to make a difference with dementia. It allows everyone to participate in the process of finding solutions for dementia.

It also highlights data about the many persons with dementia that can aid research.

Over time we hope to have a comprehensive database of information that informs persons that their challenge is not alone.



Next Steps...

Please share your thoughts and experiences about dementia. Everyone has something to give; we would love to hear from you.